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Sleep Study / Sleep Testing

The sleep study is performed with user-friendly equipment. It takes 15 minutes for orientation. The study is then administered by the patient in their home during a normal night’s sleep.

It gives a clear picture of whether a patient has OSA, how severe it is, and how low their oxygen levels fall during sleep. A diagnosis is made by a sleep specialist.


You should have a sleep study...

  • If you have unexplained daytime fatigue, even after adequate time in bed sleeping.
  • If you snore loudly.
  • If your partner has seen you stop breathing during sleep or you have woken up choking or gasping for air.
  • If you have diabetes, unexplained morning headaches, or have ever had high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
  • If you have a large neck (more than 17 inches) and/ or suffer from obesity.
  • If you operate equipment and struggle with fatigue.

Request a Sleep Test

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